The Joker

If you're looking for a very simple trick to play on family and friends then try this very simple card trick. Some people may be aware of it already or will be able to work out what is going on, but you will be surprised how many don't. Try it out yourself. I call the trick, The Joker.

You say to your audience that you are going to play a joke on them. You arrange eight cards in two groups so that they form two Maltese crosses. You then invite any person to choose any four of the cards. One cross or the other, or for cards in a line, or any combination that pleases them. This is done and the four cards are removed.

From the four remaining cards, two are selected and finally of the two that remain, one is chosen. The final card is turned up, and it proves to be the Joker!

The secret is easy. You already know the position of the Joker among the eight cards that are laid facedown. If the Joker is in the four cards first chosen, you remove the other four cards. If it is not in the first four you simply pick up the four that are chosen. You repeat this procedure with the four cards that remain, either leaving or picking up the two that are chosen. When the final choice is made you pick up the card if it is not the Joker, but if it is the Joker you remove the extra card, leaving the Joker on the table.

As I said before, you will be surprised how many people are baffled by this trick, especially if you perform it in a nonchalant manner. Try it at the next party you attend after everyone has had a few drinks.

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