The Famous Four Aces Card Trick

When people ask me to reveal a 'secret', this is one of the most frequently asked for tricks. Here's a very simple version to master. A very 'dry' version if you like, but effective none the less.

1. Take a deck of cards which you have previously prepared with the four aces on top.

2. Do a false shuffle so that the four aces remain firmly at the top.

3. Make four stacks of cards with the aces on the top of the fourth stack.

4. Taking the first stack, move the top three cards to the bottom, then deal the next three cards onto the other stacks. Make sure you do the aces pile last

5. Repeat this process with the next three stacks.

6. Finally turn the top card of each stack to reveal the four aces.


There are so many ways of performing this trick. By far one of the most baffling is the version found in Magic Trick Secrets Revealed. Check it out.