The Burglars

Often referred to as "The Burglars", this is a simple card trick that is easy to learn yet still effective. This easy card trick is taken from an old text of Howard Thurston, Master Magician in the early twentieth century.

Three jacks are shown, representing three burglars. A King is also used to represent a detective, while the pack represents a house.

The story goes as follows: The three burglars decided to rob the house, so one went up to the front door and went in (A Jack is placed on the bottom of the pack). Another entered the back door (a Jack goes on top). The third went in a window (the third Jack is pushed into the centre of the pack).

The detective seeing this, went in the back door also(the king is placed on top). The burglars, hearing the detective, run around in the house(the pack is cut three times). The pack is then fanned, and in the centre of the pack found the three burglars, each one guarded by two detectives. That is, in the centre of the pack, seven cards are discovered clustered together in the following order: King, Jack, King, Jack, King, Jack, King.

Before starting the trick, secretly place the fourth Jack between two Kings at the bottom of the pack, and put a King on top of the pack. No one knows of this preparation. In one Jack goes in the window, push it in the pack quite a little above the centre. Place the other cards as described.

Then when you cut the cards, the three jacks and four Kings will be together as described. One cut is sufficient, but two additional cuts add to the effect.


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