Harry Houdini

Probably the most famous escapologist ever. Read more about some of his more famous stunts.

Howard Thurston

Read about his early influences which led him to his chosen career as a magician.

Howard Thurston

Read about his career as the Master Magician.

Easy Card Tricks

Most people choose a simple card trick to perform when they start mastering tricks. Try these.

The Famous Four Aces Card Trick

There are many versions of this trick. Here is perhaps the most well known.

The Indian Rope Trick

The greatest illusion ever performed? Read more about the trick itself and its history.

The Voodoo Magic Trick

Would you like to perform Voodoo Magic?

Levitation Tricks

Some ideas about how these tricks are done.

The Joker

Do you want to be the joker in the pack? A simple , yet effective trick.

Mind-Reading Tricks

So you want to read minds? Keep reading.

The Burglars

Another card trick with a storyline for patter