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A message from Andy Lunt,

If you can spare 2 minutes of your time I'd like to share a little story with you. It's about magic and the wonder of performing tricks. More about that in a minute.

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I hope you enjoy your free gift if you have sent for it. Anyhow back to my story, if you'll allow me.

I remember as a child many occasions when my family got together to celebrate an occasion such as Christmas or New Year.They were happy times in my childhood, rare occasions when all my extended family came along to catch up on the latest news and gossip with family members they hadn’t seen for a while.

As the evenings progressed the party games would get underway and soon the house would be filled with the sound of much hilarity. For me the highlight of the evening was the annual ‘magic show’ that my father and grandfather would perform.

Now my father was a complete amateur and only once a year did he perform these tricks. However you’d think he made a living doing the show.

I sat spellbound throughout the entire performance as did the rest of the family. I often quizzed my father as to how he did the tricks, what the ‘secrets’ were, but every time the reply was the same:

“A good magician never reveals his secrets”


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So that's how it was done!

Realizing that I was on a loser I stopped asking. Years later my father called me into his office and showed me a really old book. It was the very same book that he and his father had used to give those magical performances years before.

I was mesmerized by the illustrations and handwritten explanations, so clearly set out. So that’s how the tricks were done! My father let me read the book a few times, then he took it from me and I was never to see my father's magical book again.


Performing tricks from other books wasn't as easy as I thought

Now even though I'd read the book cover to cover I felt incredibly frustrated. I could barely remember the tricks and the book's secrets. You see there was so many of them and I had been so excited reading through it that I'd raced through most of the pages.

Well due to my father's magic performances and the one glimpse of the book, I developed a keen interest in all things magic. I began collecting magic books and practising tricks to do my own shows with friends and later with my own family.

Somehow though they didn't quite match up to the performances of my father all those years earlier. The books I used seemed hard to follow and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't seem to master the tricks in them. I obviously wasn't cut out to be a magician. Or so I thought! Have you ever had that feeling? Keep reading if you have!

I decided to try and buy the book that my father had used. I whizzed off to my local bookstore to order a copy. You can imagine my despair when they explained that it wasn't available. I hunted high and low in local libraries but to no avail. I tried online bookstores without any joy.

Then one day whilst browsing through some old books in an antique shop, there it was, tucked away in the corner of the room. The very same book that my father had shown me years previously, the very same book he had used to amaze us.


I couldn't believe my eyes, what luck and as it turned out what a brilliant discovery. I took the book home and read it cover to cover. I was totally engrossed and it wasn't long before I started practising the secrets it held.

How Easy It Is To Master

Within a very short while I was performing in front of family and friends with great success. Something I would never have believed only weeks earlier. As someone who struggled for a long time to master any sort of trick from every book I'd ever seen, let alone put on a polished performance, it really was a fantastic feeling. At last I felt like a magician.


My brother asked me about the new skills and obvious confidence I had gained and at first I made some cock and bull story about paying a fortune for private tuition in conjuring. A good magician 'never reveals his secrets' I thought to myself.

However my brother's curiosity started me thinking. Who was I to deny him the secrets of this fabulous book? I was doing exactly what my father had done to me.

I came clean and showed my brother the book and he has since had several happy evenings at his home where he has baffled and entertained some of his friends. I am so pleased I shared the contents of the book with him.

Do You Want To Know The Secrets?

So how about you? Would you like to know the secrets of this lovely old book? The same book my father and grandfather used years ago, the one I learnt from as did my brother. Would you like to be a magician and be able to give confident, professional performances whether it is socially or at more formal occasions?

Well you'll be glad to hear that I've been able to reproduce the book as an instantly downloadable ebook and am able to offer you the chance to discover its secrets.

Introducing: Magic Trick Secrets Revealed


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The book is an absolute magical gem, the best I've seen and it all boils down to this: Magic Trick Secrets Revealed is the most complete and easily learned collection of half-forgotten magic tricks ever found. No long, technical, mumbo-jumbo explanations. Just simple drawings and instructions written in plain English anyone can understand.

From the very first page, you’ll be able to perform your first trick and see how clearly the other tricks and methods are explained. I have learnt these tricks and just like my father put on many a show because of the simplicity of the explanations.

You’ll soon have enough knowledge in your magic ‘toolbox’ to plan a full-blown magic show for your family, or to build your reputation and even earn some money from it if you want.

This knowledge will give you a surge of confidence, showmanship and skill you’ve never known before. In fact, you’ll…

Feel, Act And Be, A New Magician!

It’s all possible with the little known magic techniques inside Magic Trick Secrets Revealed.

Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Ebook Image

Now let’s look at something very important. Here are just some of the things you’ll discover inside this amazing ebook…

Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet Image The most important secret of magic tricks. The one essential thing you must do to be successful as a magician at any level.

wand Is the Indian Rope Trick the greatest illusion ever? Perhaps they did it like this...
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet Image Ever wanted to pull a rabbit from a hat? Well now you can! The secret is…
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageWhat 2 crucial things a magician’s wand is used for. Once you understand what they are, your act will improve DRAMATICALLY.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageThe second most important secret of magic tricks. If magicians don’t do this, then there would be NO magic at all.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageEating a Candle has never been so tasty! Amaze your audience by eating a lighted candle right in front of their eyes!
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageThe 6 secrets of Palming. How to manipulate coins in your hands like a pro.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageThe sneaky little secrets only shared by magicians. When you meet another magician - this is what you MUST do!
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageComplete playing card control. Every hint, tip and technique you'll ever need to know about slick, sleight-of-hand, card control.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet Image4 magic wand tricks. The wand is a very useful item in a magician’s toolkit. Learn four tricks that’ll leave your audience scratching their heads in puzzlement.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageHow to rip a complete pack of playing cards in half. It's easy when you know this secret.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageHow to become a mind-reader and human calculator. Here's how to instantly tell anyone their age, their house number, even a number they're thinking of right now.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageThe 4 secrets of Card Palming. How to manipulate playing cards in your hands like a pro.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageThe famous "Four-Ace" Trick. Magicians will tell you there are hundreds of ways of doing this trick. But, do YOU know this one?
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImagePerform a Houdini escape routine. Learn how he did it and how you can copy the great genius.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageHow to walk THROUGH a playing card. Yes, when you know how simple this is, you'll be able to let anyone in your audience WALK through the centre of a playing card.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageThe 2,000 year old card trick played by the ancient Romans! It baffled audiences then - and you can do it today!
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageHow to turn water into wine. It’s true. Amaze the audience as you turn ordinary fresh water into delicious tasting wine.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageThe Legend of the Rajah's Jewels. This illusion is based on an ancient legend. Bring it back to life with a modern day twist.
Magic Trick Secrets Revealed Bullet ImageMoney tricks, number tricks and so much more.

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I wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks. I wanted to learn a few simple tricks to impress friends and colleagues at work. Wow....all of a sudden I'm on all their social calenders and it's all thanks to your book. All the tricks are so well explained but more than that, they are easy to master and leave everyone completely baffled. Congratulations on unearthing a little gem of a book.......... S. Watkins

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Now what about the price of this fabulous book? Well considering how hard it was for me to locate a copy in the first place and then the copyright issues that needed sorting, let alone the editing I'd say $47 would be a fair price. It actually cost me more than that to buy my copy!

However so that as many people as possible can share the secrets of this book how does $27 sound? Yes that's right, just $27.

The fact is, long-lost knowledge like this can be worth many times the price to you over the coming years.

With your copy of Magic Trick Secrets Revealed coming as an instantly downloadable ebook, you can be digging into the contents in just a couple of minutes from now.


What's more this is a totally risk free investment.

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Here's The Best Guarantee You've Ever Seen!

You're fully protected by my iron-clad money-back GUARANTEE: If you decide your copy of Magic Trick Secrets Revealed isn't right for you within the next 60 days, just let me know and I'll give you a prompt 100% refund – every penny you paid. That's a full refund, not partial or pro-rated.

The bottom line is: I'm more than happy to take all the risk on my shoulders, so you don't have anything to lose.

Could any offer be fairer than that?



What a fabulous magic book. You just don't see magic tricks explained so well these days and with such simple clear diagrams. So easy to follow and so many tricks that haven't seen the light of day for years. I was up and running doing tricks in minutes. If I can do it, anyone can.

Many thanks,

Anthony Roberts"




Not bad, eh? Now I can well imagine you don't really want to take a punt on some book just on my say so or some faceless testemonial. Don't blame you.

So why don't you send for the free magic book and PDF reports. They aren't as good in all honesty as Magic Trick Secrets Revealed but they are excellent freebies.

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It's So Easy To Get Started

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Now go and perform some magic!


Andy Lunt

Andy Lunt

P.S. It's not often a newly discovered treasure trove of magic tricks finds its way into the right hands. With the complete package of Magic Trick Secrets Revealed… PLUS your free magic book and magic reports… and your fully-protected, iron-clad money-back guarantee, you have in your grasp the opportunity to amaze friends, work mates and family members for years to come. Just think of the fun, joy and goodness YOU can bring into their lives. And that'll make you happy too, right?

P.P.S. Just remember: In a case like this, it's those who hold Magic Trick Secrets Revealed in their hands who possess the power to bring joy into the world. Grab it now.

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